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To the Editor:
On Feb. 15 a local paper carried a story from the Norwich Bulletin relating to a Russian “Spy Ship” off the Coast of Connecticut. (Lawmakers: Russian ship patrolling off Connecticut coast is threat.) In it, three members of Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation tried to link the incident to Russia trying to “test” President Trump. “While this is not wholly unprecedented, it’s part of a series of aggressive actions by Russia that threaten U.S. national security and the security of our allies,” said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).
The “news” was even picked up by a member of the RI House, Rep. Joseph Solomon (D-22 Warwick) and posted on his Facebook page, “Located only 30 miles away from Connecticut coast. Although it’s in international waters, I’m shocked this isn’t making more news.”
Why is this suddenly front page news? Russian/Soviet AGIs (Auxiliary, General Intelligence), Intelligence Collection Ships, have been doing this as long as I can remember. In my opinion, the press is trying to create news.
I hate to overuse the phrase, but this story is “fake news.” Just ask any naval officer their experiences with this type of ship off our coast. Just look at these similar incidents over the past two years.
Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii, U.S. Navy Protecting ‘Critical Information’; US Naval Institute, July 6, 2016
Russian Intel Ship Spying on US Missile Submarines, AGI Viktor Leonov recently spotted in Cuba Washington; Free Beacon, February 13, 2015
Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort; NY Times, Oct. 25, 2015
They do it routinely and all of a sudden it’s front page news? Give me a break. As an active duty surface warfare officer, we used to routinely run into them off Charleston, Pearl and San Diego. This is the MSM (Mainstream Media) making something out of nothing.
We do the same thing. Remember the USS Pueblo and USS Liberty? Same mission, but it didn’t work out so well. Today we call our “spy ships” DDGs (Guided Missile Destroyers) or CGs (Guided Missile Cruisers). Wonder why the USS Porter was buzzed by Russian fighters in the Black Sea last Friday? Draw your own conclusions. It’s interesting that the three members of Congress from Connecticut seem to think the two events aren’t linked. Really now? Do they think their constituents are that naïve?
For your information, the Russians and the U.S. have been doing this forever.
I also asked Rep. Solomon why he had posted this story? His response, “I believe it’s important for the American public, and especially those living in Rhode Island, to know that a Russian spy ship is 30 miles outside of Connecticut.” Huh? As for “informing” the public, what does he expect them to do?
Some advice for Rep Solomon. How about getting the DMV, UHIP and the Pension Fund fixed? Or lowering our taxes and getting rid of the corruption on Smith Hill? I, for one, believe that to be of much greater concern for average Rhode Islanders than a Russian AGI off the coast of Connecticut

A.G. Palazzo,
Commander, USN (Ret)
West Warwick


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