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(Profane romantic comedy)

A clever idea for a romantic comedy turns into a profane, R-rated, vulgar mess of a movie.

Charlize Theron plays Charlotte Field, a beautiful, young, sophisticated (until she opens her mouth) secretary of state who is running for president, largely on her environmental platform. Seth Rogen plays Fred Flarsky, a recently fired journalist who reconnects with his former babysitter and becomes her speechwriter.

It is like the Beauty and the Beast, as the funky, foul-mouthed slob and sophisticated, sensuous politician slowly develop a relationship, engage in secret sexual activities, and eventually fall in love. Campaign advisers try to squash the relationship, convinced that Fred will lose the campaign for Charlotte, and he comes close to it when he is caught on camera doing something very naughty.

The movie gets in some good shots at political campaigns and advisers, as they concentrate on image at the cost of substance.

So what's the problem?

We are certainly not prudes and have been known on occasion to use profanity, but watching every single character use four-letter words, especially the F-word as a noun, adjective, verb and in combination with a highly respected noun, is way to much to tolerate. That word, coming repeatedly in simple conversation from Theron's mouth, along with drug use and masturbation, will certainly turn off many older viewers. Enough is enough.

Rated a very big R.


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