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* * ½

(Sci-fi horror)

A better title would be "Killer Octopus From Mars.”

A group of six NASA scientists have captured a strange tiny life form and are studying it aboard their space station before they bring it to Earth.

The spore-like creature attacks one of the scientists, kills him, grows to enormous proportions, and chases the remaining five around the ship until it gets down to "And then there were two.”

You could substitute six teenagers and a haunted house with a maniacal monster for the scientists and spaceship and you would have the same story.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson star, with Ryan Reynolds not staying around too long. The slithery alien finds its way through the enormous ship, always showing up at a bad time.

There's a big moral question about sacrificing yourself for the good of mankind. Does the crew need to sacrifice themselves to keep the creature from reaching Earth?

The movie is only an hour and 45 minutes long, but seems tediously longer as the camera zeroes in on frightened expressions and gory attacks by the creature. The only salvation is a twist ending as Jake tries to sacrifice himself to kill the monster and allow Rebecca to make it back to Earth.

Rated a big R for some gory scenes and lots of cussing.


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