Let the world know


To the Editor:

Not being at the Jan. 10 meeting of the Johnston Town Council for the lack of parking space, I was not in attendance to enjoy what took place. However, I received phone calls regarding what took place that evening, and I did file a complaint with the attorney general.

After reading last week’s Sun Rise, I learned I was not the only one to file a complaint. In my complaint, I mentioned that Mayor Joseph Polisena may or may not have been in the lower level that evening, as that’s what I was told. However, a recent conversation with the person who mentioned the mayor as being at that lower level seemed to be unsure if he was.

Therefore, this letter (prior to any decision from the attorney general’s office) is to let anyone who may have read my letter in last week’s Sun Rise, that if it comes to pass that I incorrectly stated who was at that lower level of the court that evening, I would let the world know the truth.

Ernest Pitochelli Sr.



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