Korie Lee Blossey makes impressive Genie in ‘Aladdin’


“Living your dream is the result of hard work,” Korie Lee Blossey told me over the phone from North Carolina, where he is playing the part of the Genie in Disney’s Broadway Musical, “Aladdin.”

Blossey worked his way up from stand-by for the roles of the Sultan and the Genie to take over as the Genie in September.

“People are familiar with the story,” he said, “either from the Broadway play, book, or the cartoon feature. I have the opportunity to make it my own. I review my choreography three times every night before going to bed,” he said. “And every night is a little different. I have fun because I only talk to Aladdin and to the audience, and every audience is different.”

Blossey enjoyed playing Audrey II in “Little Shop of Horrors,” using his deep voice to yell “Feed me” to poor Seymour.

“It was lots of fun. You’ve got to have fun when you’re on stage. And I could sit down behind the scenes.”

Korie also enjoys Shakespeare, and although he’s had no classical training, he praises his mentor for helping him to understand the Bard.

“I got most of my training the old-fashioned way: hard work,” he said. “I moved from Michigan to New York City fifteen years ago and did the usual round of auditions.”

Korie has another adage to live by: Success is Preparation and Opportunity meeting.”

He is looking forward to visiting Rhode Island and “taking in the city”

“I like to visit a city, not from a tourist view but getting out into the community and meeting the people.”

Look for Korie Lee Blossey from October 29 through November 10, when he’ll be at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Maybe he’ll grant you three wishes.

Call 421-ARTS for reservations.


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