Jain’s Laundry Let them help carry your laundry load this summer


There is going to come a time when you can no longer avoid it. That pile of laundry in the corner, growing every day while you find excuses to ignore it. But it is not going away, and eventually, it will overtake your room or leave you without a single clean garment to wear. Laundry is like that – it is never-ending. Now, there is a possibility for escape! Why labor ONE MORE MINUTE this summer tackling the inevitable chore of endless laundry when you have the willing and able hands of Kaushal Jain of Jain’s Laundry to rescue you?

For an incredible .69/pound, Kaushal will wash, soften, dry, and even fold your laundry – all in one day - at this user-friendly, clean and efficient laundromat in Johnston. Besides the convenience of this great service, this recession-busting price also covers the cost of the softener, bleach, soap and hangers! The math is simple enough – ten pounds of dirty clothes, dropped off in the morning and ready to go by day’s end – all for $6.90. Fifteen pounds of dirty clothes, dropped off on the way to work and ready to go by dinner – all for $10.35. What a bargain!

For the most competitive prices in the area, you will find both the wash-fold, same-day service offered by Kaushal here at Jain’s Laundry as well as a room full of coin-operated washers and dryers for the “do-it-yourselfers”. If you don’t have enough quarters, no worries ~ there is a change machine that accepts up to a $20.00 bill available here.

There are large capacity machines available for all size loads, from 25 pounds to 65 pounds. The top loading machines are available here for only $2.00 per load compared to $2.50 in most other places . Recently, new state-of-the-art dryers were installed which are incredibly efficient, rotating both clockwise and counter-clockwise to prevent the bunching and twisting that can make drying uneven in conventional dryers.

Vending machines are also on-site if you need to re-stock your supply of detergent, softener or laundry bags. There is never a need to wait because there are rows and rows of machines ready to go at any given time. Everything you need is right here at Jain’s Laundry.

There is plenty of parking and a friendly, helpful staff here, ready to meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. You can stay in their clean waiting area between cycles, or leave and return between loads. There is even a Dunkin’ Donuts next door if you want a cup of brew while you wait.

Jain’s Laundry is found in the Plaza 44 shopping plaza on 39 Putnam Pike. It is open seven days each week - from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday through Friday, and 7 am to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday. For more information about their services, call 231-7019.


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