* * * ½ (Joyce)
* * ½ (Don)
(Somber tale
of Jackie Kennedy)

I could tell from the opening credits that this one was going to be a downer, thanks to the somber cello music.
Natalie Portman does give a great performance as Jackie Kennedy, showing her first as a young, naive woman who is quickly thrown into the spotlight as the First Lady. We watch her awkwardly doing a TV “welcome to the White House.”
Then the movie shifts to that dreadful day in Dallas, focusing on Jackie’s reaction to what is chaotically going on around her. She wavers on the funeral plans and the parade through Washington. Most of the movie focuses on her reactions to the people who seem to be making decisions.
My memory of that day was John-John standing at attention and saluting as the casket went by. For whatever reason, the scene was not in the movie. I must say that Joyce liked the movie more than I did, finding it to be a moving account of those final days.
Rated R because of profanity and realistic scenes of the assassination.


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