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* * * ½
(Eerie psychological thriller)

Many people will be turned off by the title of this eerie psychological thriller, as it suggests just another “things that go bump in the night” genre. If so, they will miss an original plot that explores issues of trust, suspicion and survival under extreme pressure.
We meet a husband and wife and their 17-year-old son living in a secured house deep in the woods. They wear gas masks and carry guns, never going out at night.
What’s going on? Apparently, an apocalyptic event has occurred. People have died from a rare, contagious disease leaving large sores on their bodies.
Into their lives come a young couple and their young son. They have food. The other family has water. The two families join forces, but with great caution as they don’t completely trust each other. Survival at any cost is the goal of both families. Little incidents happen to threaten their survival and trust.
The plot moves slowly and eerily toward a showdown where trust is challenged. Fear of the unknown is brought to a new level in this tense, unpredictable movie, leading to a chilling conclusion.
Rated R, with violence, profanity and some sexual scenes.


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