* * * ½ (Don)
* * * * (Joyce)
(All about the
mining business)

This interesting and often exciting movie is all about the modern day mining business, filled with success, failures, lies, conspiracies and the American Dream.
Matthew McConaughey goes partly bald and grows a paunch to play Kenny Wells, third generation owner of the Washoe Mining Company, facing tough times in a tough business. Kenny has a dream, leading him to hitch up with Mike (Edgar Ramirez), an old friend and partner, fly off to Indonesia, raise some cash, and mine for gold.
McConaughey makes Kenny an interesting, volatile character, drinking and smoking to extremes and letting his emotions get the best of him. Most investors see him as unreliable and out of control and use him to their advantage.
All this makes for an interesting tale, filled with business dealings and a few twists and turns that leave you guessing right to the end. It’s all about the big dream to find the mother lode and what you do once you find it.
Joyce liked this one, “inspired by true events” but most certainly stretched to the limits, a bit more than I did, although I loved McConaughey’s performance.
Rated R, with profanity and a look at Matthew’s bare rear end.


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