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(Shyamalan's folly)

M. Night Shyamalan will always be remembered for The Sixth Sense, a great suspense movie with a classic twist. Unfortunately, his subsequent movies have never come close to the cleverness of his only success.

"Glass" is a convoluted, compromising, confusing tale of three men who see themselves as superheroes, acting out their fantasies until they become real to them and others. The three men  all end up in Raven Hill Mental Institution, where they are studied and subjected to experimentation by an intense psychologist (Sarah Paulson).

Bruce Willis plays David Dunn, a vigilante who tracks down The Beast (James McAvoy), the multiple personality abductor of young women. The third part of the triangle is Elijah, or Mr. Glass, confined to a wheelchair to protect his brittle bones.

Shyamalan can't decide whether he wants to give his audience a psychological drama or an action movie about self-proclaimed superheroes. What we get is mass confusion as the story gets completely out of control.

The saving grace is the performance of McAvoy, who shifts from one personality to another in rapid succession, giving you goosebumps as you wonder what he will say or do next.

The three characters band together to escape in a violent and ridiculous ending that leaves you wondering what Shyamalan was trying to tell us, except that if there are superheroes there must be supervillains.

Rated PG-13 with violence and profanity.


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