Fools in Washington


To the Editor:

Once again the federal workers of this country have been double-crossed by their government.

Just because those fools in Washington behave like five-year-olds at recess, millions of Americans have to wait to see if they will be called back to work through no fault of their own. What is worse is that our military and law enforcement officers are being asked to do their jobs with no knowledge if they will be paid in the future.

People are being asked to risk their lives while those simple-minded talking heads in Washington argue over items most hardworking Americans couldn’t care less about. Most of us don’t have the time to protest or argue over every single thing that the president has to say or do.

We are trying to keep our families together. We are trying to survive in a nation that has tossed us aside and labeled us deplorable. Well, we, the deplorable, are the ones that keep this nation running with our loyalty, our taxes and our morality. God bless our president and our nation.

John Cervone

North Providence


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