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(Hilarious spoof of superhero flicks)

Perhaps the reason I loved this hilarious spoof of superhero flicks is the fact that I don't like superhero flicks. I (Joyce stayed home) couldn't stop laughing at the antics and sarcasm of Deadpool, the anti-hero who, in spite of his ridiculous attempts to save the world, succeeds in bringing order to chaos.

Ryan Reynolds plays such an outrageous superhero with an irreverent, sarcastic humor and a physical, bumbling persona that pokes fun at every Marvel comic character ever invented. He even criticizes the writers of the movie as the action unfolds.

It was lots of fun watching the movie with a theater full of the genre's fans who laughed long and loud and caught funny lines that admittedly went over my head.

Josh Brolin plays Cable, a cyborg from the future who has come to save the planet from destruction and ends up being an ally to Deadpool. Deadpool tries to save a teenage mutant named Firefist (logically named because he shoots fire from his fists) from killing everyone in sight, including the evil head of the mutant school/prison that abused him. The two are captured and sent to the Ice Box, an inescapable prison from which they escape.

Deadpool assembles a motley crew of superheroes following a hilarious interview process, leading to one of the most exciting, funny chase scenes involving parachuting into a city that I have ever seen. The bloody, outrageous sequence of events brought tears of laughter to my eyes.

I still don't care for the endless superhero movies that fill the Showcase screens, but I thoroughly enjoyed this farcical spoof of the genre.

Rated R, with profanity, violence and lots of blood.


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