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(Frightening tale of DuPont Conspiracy)

Mark Ruffalo stars as Robert Billot, the Ohio lawyer who takes on the powerful DuPont amidst insurmountable odds and risks to his family, career, health and safety.

Dark Waters is one of the most frightening "horror stories" ever seen on screen as the crusader uncovers the death and destruction that the corporate giant brought to the small West Virginia town of his youth.

Robert has just been made partner in a large law firm that is seeking DuPont's business when a farmer friend of the family invites him home to see what DuPont has done to pollute his water and kill his herd of cows. The movie digs deep in the investigation that began at the turn of the century and is still being litigated over 20 years later.

Ruffalo is great as the everyman who fights unbeatable foes, giving his life to uncovering the horrible lies perpetrated by the corporate giant.

While much of the battle is fought in court, visits to the depressed, unsafe environment of DuPont's facilities are chilling, as we hear John Denver singing "Almost Heaven, West Virginia" in the background. We are reminded of the Teflon scare and how it affected so many workers who were controlled by the company.

The movie goes from a lesson in chemistry to the cold, hard truths of these chemical combinations (referred to as forever drugs). The "better living" claimed by the chemical company is counteracted by the hardships, sickness and deaths that they caused. It is a frightening tale, told straight on, with a warning that needs to be heeded.

Rated PG-13, with some profanity and unpleasant scenes.


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