Cicilline awoken


To the Editor:

Representative David Cicilline (D) Rhode Island is calling for American leadership to remove Bashar Al Assad as leader of that strife stricken nation. Honorable Mr. Cicilline, where have you been for these past eight years? Do you remember the line drawn in the sand by America’s last presidential pretender?

It has always been important that all citizens of America, especially the young, to build and maintain character and yes be proud of what this country has accomplished. Where were you, Mr. Cicilline, while at every turn America was being verbally assaulted by a person who listened to his pastor when he stated “God d-mn America and not God bless America.”

Like Rip Van Winkle, Representative Cicilline, have you suddenly emerged from your slumber?


Ernest F. Pitochelli Sr.



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