Briarcliffe Gardens A State-of-the-Art Memory Care Assisted Living Residence


Allan Knight, a talented and longtime Tai Chi instructor, says it best when he says “If you rest, you rust!”  While he says this with a slight twinkle in his eye, he knows that, at a very basic level, there is truth in this statement.  Movement is essential to physical and mental health.  This is why Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese tradition that is practiced today as a graceful form of exercise, is such an important part of the schedule for residents of Briarcliffe Gardens.  The “Gardens” is an assisted living community in Johnston that serves those with memory-loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner, accompanied by deep, measured breathing.  Instructor Allan Knight has been leading Tai Chi classes at Briarcliffe Gardens for over ten years; he knows and has connected with these residents in a way that has been forged by time and an enduring commitment to their well-being.  He is calm and soothing yet energetic and enthusiastic.  He stretches and poses right alongside his students, reminding them to reach from within ~ starting right from their “energy center."

Bi-weekly Tai Chi classes are only some of an array of diverse programs offered to the residents of Briarcliffe Gardens. The Gardens, which was recognized in a study conducted by Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital as a “model facility,” provides thoughtfully-planned, empirically-based and research-backed programs and daily activities for its memory impaired residents.  These include everything from regularly scheduled exercise classes such as Tai Chi and yoga classes to specifically prepared meals of nourishing foods to ample opportunities for socialization, large and small group activities and wholesome fun.   All are designed to mitigate some of the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.

The frequent, guided exercise programs at Briarcliffe such as Tai Chi and yoga are based on research that has shown the strong connection between mind and body health. Studies have revealed “the significant benefits of regular stress-relaxation practices, like meditation, that help improve one’s focus and attention, and that optimize overall mental performance.”  The staff and administrators here are wholly committed to providing their residents every health advantage available.

 Everything about the living environment at Briarcliffe Gardens is designed to enrich and enhance the lives of its residents ~ and to bring genuine reassurance to their family members. Briarcliffe’s CEO Akshay Talwar has taken every effort to study and then to implement programs to benefit individuals living with memory loss.  All of these have been incorporated into the design of this modern, immaculate and home-like residence in Johnston.

To schedule your personal tour of Briarcliffe Gardens, contact Stefany Reed at 401.944.2450 ext. 202.  For more information, visit them at  Briarcliffe Garden’s Assisted Living Residence as well as its Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, are conveniently located just off Central Avenue at 49 Old Pocasset Road.


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