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(Fox News takes a big hit)

This is the year of the women, in addition to being the year of the exposé. This time it is Fox News that takes a big hit, as Megyn Kelly goes after Roger Ailes and the male chauvinists at Fox, slowly gaining momentum and a little help along the way.

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie are the three attractive news people at Fox who are sexually harassed by Ailes who take about all they can take before they risk their careers by fighting back. The film cleverly shows a number of people involved by letting us see their real images on television (Trump, O'Reilly). Others are played by actors (Guilliani, Wallace).

The film walks a fine line between drama and documentary, leaning more toward drama by showing the subtle ways that TV executives preyed on women who wanted to be successful and the traumatic effect they had on them.

John Lithgow gained a lot of weight to plays Ailes, giving the performance of his life. He is the man you will love to hate.

Rated R with profanity and sexual references.


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