Be leaders for good


To the Editor;

Most people love Bette Midler's singing but particularly the three songs: The Rose, Wind Beneath My Wings, God Is Watching Us.  Her technique, magnificent voice, and of course, the poignancy of the lyrics make for a trilogy of great beauty.  The song "God Is Watching Us" is one of singular impact - that is if the individual understands he/she is not only physical in nature but spiritual as well.

Many believe not only is God watching us but that he takes notes. Bette might have added that, especially since we are in the age of everything Trump. (The opposition to this duly elected president is the ultimate of despicable behavior.)

One can not help but perplexed that we were in an era such as the all-pervading, disharmony, discontent, division, anger, violence, turmoil, and false witness. Our political leaders are currently under great suspicion of guilt to those failings.  For them, and yes for all of us as well, we should take heed of the disgrace and depravity of our present condition.  Clearly, we are not acting as creatures of honor, integrity, and love for our neighbor.

We have been warned many times by our forebears that we can do far better than is now the case and we should demand that our leaders do just that.  Be leaders for good that you are supposed to be!

N.B. (Post this on your refrigerator as a reminder for all of us as well.)

Sam Parente



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Dear Sam,

You're right. He is watching but He has a pretty good memory so He doesn't need to take notes. He has two people working for Him, both named "Karma". A good one and a bad one. He really means it when He says "vengeance is mine alone". I believe that He means He will give an assignment to one of the Karma's. Having met them both at different times, I can say that you don't want to p*** off God.

Happy Autumn Sam.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

Thursday, October 18, 2018