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* * ½
(Bad thriller)

“Bad Samaritan” starts off with an interesting premise: two young men serve as valets at a Portland, Oregon upscale restaurant. While the car owner is having a leisurely meal, one of them robs his house.
Sean (Robert Sheehan) enters the home of a wealthy man, only to discover a woman chained to a chair. He is unsuccessful in freeing her, so he goes to the police, who don’t believe him.
Sean, although he is a thief, is also a Samaritan and risks his life trying to save the young woman. When the sicko Cale (David Tennant) discovers that he has been found out, he makes Sean’s life a living hell, stalking him, killing off his friends, and setting him up for the police.
At this point, the movie goes straight down the proverbial toilet, with endless chase scenes, narrow escapes, and no one to believe poor Sean. There’s loud, irritating background music and lots of dark scenes in this ridiculous story that takes a page out of “Equus,” attempting to give psychological reasons for Cale’s eerie behavior.
After many narrow escapes and a dozen or so people violently killed, Sean comes to the rescue of the woman.
Rated a big R, with profanity, violence, drugs, nudity and bizarre behavior.


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