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(Action movie sequel)

Every time a Providence Bruins rival gets a penalty, they blast "Bad Boys" over the loudspeaker, reminding us of the 1995 movie and its 2003 sequel.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as Miami rogue detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett in the cookie-cutter sequel to the action series. This time  Marcus is talking retirement. He has just become a grandfather and wants to enjoy his growing family. It's the old "Just one more case" theme, as Mike needs his help in getting revenge on some really bad Mexican drug dealers who are out to kill him.

There are the patented car, truck, motorcycle and helicopter chases, lots of patter between Smith and Lawrence, some funny lines and lots of violence and profanity.

"Bad Boys" fans will enjoy seeing their heroes back on the screen again, even though they are a little older and a little slower. Mike is shot three times, but miraculously recovers, vowing to get the guy who is trying to kill him.

There's a big twist as he discovers his past relationship with the Mexican mother and son who will stop at nothing, including killing anyone who was involved in a previous crime. The action goes viral at the end, all leading up to an out of control finale. The movie ends with one funny outtake and a hint at yet another sequel.

Rated a big R with violence, profanity, drugs and sex.


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