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(Improbable action film)

Gerard Butler stars as a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president (Morgan Freeman).

While on a fishing trip, the president and his bodyguards are attacked by armed drones. Everyone is killed except for the president and Mike, who pulls him deep underwater. The president survives, but he's in a deep coma. The assassins plant evidence leading to Mike as the perpetrator.

What follows is an exciting but unbelievable chase scene, as Mike runs from the bad guys (it doesn't take long to figure out who they are) and the FBI, who believe Mike is responsible. Mike has many narrow escapes, as dozens of bad guys, and a few FBI agents, are killed. He ends up at the mountain cabin of his estranged father (Nick Nolte, looking very old), who joins him in his battle.

The only one who can clear him is the president, who is still in his coma, as Mike and the bad guys head for the hospital for the final battle, which is completely outrageous.

The banter between Mike and his father continues right through the credits as the audience races for the parking lot, most missing a funny final scene.

Rated a big R with lots of profanity and bloodshed.


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