Alex Agudelo masters rhythms on the keys


A keyboardist or a pianist can transform a relatively average sounding band into a full-fledged sonic arsenal. The way the instrument adds to the music’s groove, tone and structure is fantastic.

Warwick resident Alex Agudelo has it down to a science with his impeccable skills. He’s known around the local music scene in Rhode Island from being a part of funk act Slurp and jam band The River Provides. He has a knack for introducing his own talents in multi-dimensional fashion.

Agudelo is originally from the West Coast, out in Manhattan Beach, California, but he has always had connections to Rhode Island due to his mother being from here. He also alternates his locale from the west to the east from time to time.

“I was born in Southern California in February 1985, but my family moved back to Rhode Island where my mom is originally from,” he said. “I come from a very large family and a lot of them are located here in The Ocean State. For the most part I have been bicoastal, from Warwick to California, since 1989. I’ve been living and staying in Warwick for about six years. I’m currently loving the Gaspee area, especially knowing how patriotic this location is.”

Before making the keyboard and piano his primary instrument, Agudelo dabbled in a bunch of others while attending Toll Gate High School.

“I first started out playing instruments in school such as violin, guitar, bass and drums, but I always aspired to play piano and I love to sing,” he said. “I come from a very musical family and I have four brothers who are extremely talented as well, so being creative musically came natural in my house. When I was 18, my mom helped me buy a beautiful Kurzweil PC88, and I never looked back. Playing music is the best part of my life.”

Between playing in Slurp and The River Provides, Agudelo never has a dull moment, but he does notice the comparisons and contrasts between both bands.

“I find myself to be a pretty harsh critic of music, but both of the projects that I am in keep me fully entertained,” he said. “They both are diverse while drawing from multiple genres and influences like rock, funk, jazz and R&B. The main difference is that The River Provides is vocal-driven band with jam attributes while Slurp is completely instrumental.”

There’s only a few months left in 2019, but Agudelo plans on using the time to get more music recorded and various projects completed.

“As the year’s end quickly approaches, I would like to release more content with high-quality videos and audio capturing the live feel of both bands,” he said. “My bandmates in both The River Provides and Slurp are great friends of mine who I consider brothers. I definitely love these guys and I’m honored to share the stage with all of them.”

To learn more about Slurp, follow the band on Facebook. To learn more about The River Provides, follow the band on Facebook or visit


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