Adult easter egg hunt brings in donations for Hands That Heal RI


Tracy Cale, sales and marketing director at Anchor Bay of Pocasset, was amazed with last Thursday’s “For Adults Only Easter Egg Hunt.”

Likewise, many of the four-dozen attendees didn’t know what to expect when they showed up at the assisted living facility, located off Hartford Avenue and formerly known as Pocasset Bay.

While the event was totally unique to most guests, so was the charity it benefited, Hands That Heal RI.

However, once people found out that Christine Crum and Jen Burns were co-sponsoring the event, excitement increased. Before long, people started calling the two respected professionals who are well known for their creative and unique networking events.

Moreover, Hands That Heal RI would most likely have a special place in any person’s heart.

“This fundraiser not only benefits a great cause,” said Burns, who serves as sales/marketing and community relations director at The Bridge at Cherry Hill. “It also provides a fun networking alternative to the idea of a traditional children’s Easter egg hunt.”

Participants had a chance to collect Easter eggs filled with gift certificates and cash. The well-attended event raised $800 in cash donations, in addition to generous offerings of pet food and supplies for Hands That Heal RI.

Burns said selecting Hands That Heal RI happened after Crum, who is president of Gentry Moving & Storage, went to her veterinarian at the Scituate Annual Hospital and saw a donation jar with the charity’s information. She decided it would be a “wonderful way to help a nonprofit organization” by giving a donation on behalf of North West Links Networking Group, which she and Burns take great pride in helping.

“We work with seniors every day and care deeply that they are able to live life as comfortably as they can,” Crum said. “Hands That Heal RI is committed to helping seniors keep their pets by helping relieve financial stresses that pop up, like vets bills, for example.”

She added, “We all now how beneficial it is to have a dog or cat. They are such a big part of our well being. They relieve stress and, more important, loneliness. Pets are loving companions, especially for seniors.”

Thus, the Hands That Heal RI Adult Easter Egg Hunt was born. It featured 450 eggs filled with candy, cash, scratch tickets and nips and was a smashing success, especially with 14 donated raffle baskets from the long-term care community members that have become special sponsors for other networking events Crum and Burns have hosted.

People who participated in last Thursday’s Adult Easter Egg Hunt had a chance to collect between eight and 10 eggs, which were filled with prizes ranging from lottery tickets to candy. One “golden egg” contained a $50 gift card.

“It amazes me when we put together events such as this one how the public gets involved,” Cale said. “It demonstrates seniors are not forgotten and are still an important part of the community.”


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