A malcontent’s take


To the Editor:

A definition of a malcontent is one who is dissatisfied with government, especially a government governed by one whose narcissism runs deep. As a citizen taxpayer as well as a former Town Councilman in the town of Johnston, I encountered years of frustration with this town’s leadership Yes, especially my last six years with Polisena as mayor.

They were some of the most challenging years of my life. What I heard all too often were gratuitous remarks regarding those who may have had a different point of view regarding Polisena and of course his leadership. Those who dared disagree with them were branded as malcontents. I’m one of those so-called malcontents and proud to be one of the many Johnstonians who questioned his rhetoric as self-serving bluster.

Simply read the November 8, 2018 edition of the Johnston Sun Rise He now has his town council intact. Let’s see, he has his son as councilman, and a councilman from District 2 who stands in place of his father. So, instead of basking in his glory of his accomplishments he puts down we malcontents. Johnston voters did have a choice for one council seat and Brenda Lynn Leone. To no one’s surprise both came in second.

I’m proud to say I met and know those two individuals who had courage enough to challenge the establishment. Yes, especially Ms. Leone who from the day she submitted her name knew she had an uphill battle. I supported her with my vote. However, we both knew from that day in June that winning would be a difficult challenge but she stayed the course.

I as all who reside in Johnston had a choice. Thank you, Brenda Lynn Leone, for your efforts on our behalf. However, we now have to put up with four more years of self-rhetorical aggrandizement.

Ernest F. Pitochelli Sr.



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