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And the winner is...
Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner!
The Lion King by Jonathan Porreca

After careful deliberation, the three judges for RhodyBeat.com’s first annual pumpkin carving contest have chosen their winner.

Cindy Morris of Morris’ Farm in Warwick, Ray Aubin of Confreda Farm in Cranston and Doreen Pezza of Pezza Farm in Johnston examined the entries and scored them according to creativity and execution.

Cindy Morris was a fan of the Ludwig Van Beethoven pumpkin, but said she had a hard time deciding between that, and another carving of David Bowie. She also favored the Lion King pumpkin, and another “drunken” jack-o-lantern.

“All the carvings were unbelievable,” she said.

Ray Aubin thought the Lion King pumpkin took the cake.

“[It has] great hand carved detail and [is] very timely,” he said.

He also liked the Bob Marley pumpkin, and how the creator used a dremel tool to carve the details.

The David Bowie pumpkin also caught his eye, because it “creeped him out.”

Doreen Pezza looked to her family for help, and chose the Bob Marley pumpkin as her top pick.

Though they were all torn on which gourd was the best, the three pooled their scores together to crown the winner: The Lion King pumpkin submitted by Jonathan Porreca.

Porreca will receive a family four pack of tickets to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park and Zoo. The event, which was slated to end this weekend, has been extended to November 6.

Porreca will also take home $25 gift certificate to Chelo’s restaurant.

Thanks to the judges for their expert opinions and to all the participants for entering their carved creations!

Stay tuned for our next RhodyBeat.com contest, which will launch on November 1. The winner of this upcoming competition, a recipe contest, will take home more fantastic prizes, and have the opportunity to host their own RhodyBeat.com cooking show!

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