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(War movie)

The United States gathers a team of special forces to retaliate from the 9/11 attack on U.S. soil, sending 12 men to Afghanistan to take on the Taliban.

After a short backstory, the military agrees to send in a captain (Chris Hemsworth) with no combat experience, along with the 11 men that trained under him. The reasoning is that the job has no playbook. There is no history to learn from. They team up with a warlord whose methods and motives are nothing like theirs. There is a serious language barrier, along with distrust and prejudices on both sides.

The Afghans have no regard for human life, believing it is an hour to give up their lives because they will go straight to the next life and be rewarded for their heroism. The American crew is at the mercy of their counterparts, who explain that the only way they can reach their target is on horseback, setting up a horse versus tanks situation as the crew tries to get close enough to the enemy to signal air support.

It is an interesting premise, based on a true situation that was kept top secret for years.

Most of the two hours and 10 minutes is taken up with endless battles. Miraculously, all 12 men made it back alive, which is stranger than fiction.

Rated a big R with lots of profanity and violence.


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