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When Kaushal and Sripal Jain moved to America from India in 1976, they came with little but a dream and an uncompromising work ethic.  They settled into life in our country and eventually … more
     She may be only five years old, but even at this young age, she has that sparkle in her eyes as she prepares to prance onto the dance floor at To the Pointe of Performing Arts … more
            According to Melanie Flamand and Marjorie Muller, two business partners who did their research and then co-founded Curbside Textile … more
    It’s a typical day at The CBD Store in Warwick and owner Michael Lanoue has been busy greeting customers all morning. At any given time, customers from all walks of life pass … more
Allan Knight, a talented and longtime Tai Chi instructor, says it best when he says “If you rest, you rust!”  While he says this with a slight twinkle in his eye, he knows that, at a … more
             The busy holiday season has come and gone and the gray winter doldrums have set in everywhere EXCEPT in the bright and … more
Winter has finally arrived in New England and though the holiday madness has finally begun to wind down, we are literally on the threshold of a new year ~ and the beginning of a new decade. The new … more
            The moment you walk into a To The Pointe Dance Studio, you realize that this “world of dance” is different than any … more
 The busy holiday season is upon us, and as usual, time is the one thing we need the most of, and yet have the least of.  As your “to-do” list grows, so do the piles of laundry … more